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The Truth 365 Fundraiser

Monroe Pediatrics started our annual Pie in the Face Fundraiser in 2014. The mother of some of our patients was Julianna Edel’s teacher and I knew Julianna through the dance studio where I teach. During the summer of 2014 the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS was all the rage and Julianna’s teacher thought that trying to start a Pie in the Face Challenge during September (Pediatric Cancer Awareness month) would help raise funds and bring awareness. I saw her post on FB and went back to my partners with the idea. Originally I thought the 6 of us would just sit in chairs and take one pie each but they had bigger ideas.

In September 2014 we turned our parking lot into a whipped cream festival. We invited the families in our practice to come throw pies at us and we decided to donate our money to The Truth 365 to help with research. In the spirit of the event, we challenged the Pop Warner Football teams, Terpsichore: The Dancerschool (where Julianna and her sister danced) and the Monroe-Woodbury United Soccer Club. Our schools and religious organizations got involved and soon whipped cream was flying all over the Monroe-Woodbury area. The organizations took on the challenge willingly and the town of Monroe raised a few thousand dollars.

Since that first event, Monroe Pediatrics has made this an annual tradition. We have expanded our fundraiser so that we now also have a tricky tray, raffles, entertainment, food trucks and a DJ. Each year we invite our VIPs-our current oncology patients and our survivors-to throw the first pies. We get support and donations from many of the local businesses in Monroe. Each year the event grows and each year we try to figure out how to have more fun and raise more funds.

It is unfortunate that we need to focus on fundraising for pediatric cancer. It is sad that the concentration of research is on adults given the rate of children being diagnosed yearly. We are grateful that survival rates have dramatically improved but we are seeing the long term effects of the current treatments in the children in our practice. While we see a wide variety of children with chronic or even fatal illnesses and special needs in our practice, it is our mission to help bring awareness to the paucity of research in the field of pediatric cancer. We at Monroe Pediatrics truly believe ALL children are #worthmorethan4.

– Truth365


If you are interested in setting up a fundraiser through The Truth 365/Arms Wide Open, please contact us by sending a Direct Message or visiting our website at or

Pie In The Face 2017

Looking to build on last year’s whipped cream success, Monroe Pediatrics will host its third annual “Pie in the Face and Tricky Tray for Pediatric Cancer” on Saturday, Sept. 10 at 2 p.m. at its Gilbert St. offices.

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Learn what to expect in middle school

Registration is now taking place for a special, free program for girls entering the sixth-grade at Monroe-Woodbury Middle School.

“A Girl’s Guide to Middle School” will feature three workshops designed to help incoming sixth-grade girls become more knowledgeable about three topics which “girls who’ve been there” say aren’t always discussed as part of middle school orientation.

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Dr. Goldstein’s ACOP Community Pediatrician of the Year for 2016.

Congratulations! You have been chosen to receive the American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians (ACOP)2016 Harold H. Finkel, DO and Arnold Melnick, DO Community Pediatrician of the Year Award.

The Harold H. Finkel, DO award was established in memory of Dr. Finkel whose illustrious career spanned over 50 years of community pediatric practice. He was known for his exceptional care and availability to his patients, his commitment to students, interns, residents, addressing community child health needs, advocating for the most vulnerable children and service to the ACOP.

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